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Cardio Circuit Training

Cardio Circuit Training – If you want to get maximum benefits from particular type of exercise, you must choose cardio circuit training. Any exercise that you perform should be able to bring you the desired effects. If overall body fitness and endurance of specific muscles is your aim, then you must perform cardio circuit training.

Before Starting Your Cardio Circuit Training

Before starting your cardio circuit training, you must decide which part of your body should be trained. If you perform a particular type of exercise alone it will not only give you desired results, but also will cause you boredom. You may then feel frustrated and give up exercising altogether. So, if you keep yourself motivated, you must select a variety of exercises and start doing them.

Cardio circuit training offers great variety

Cardio circuit training offers great variety of different types of exercises. Some of them involve using machines while others do not. Alternating with the routine will give you that energy rather than sticking to one type of it. You can concentrate on different muscles in cardio circuit training and work for those muscles. You can perform them in order, one by one. Concentrating on various parts of your body gives you good health and good sleep. It also makes you active throughout the day.

Some of the types of cardio circuit training exercises are walking, jogging, cycling, skipping and rowing. You must enjoy doing your exercise while getting benefits out of them. If you just want to walk, you should walk for at least thirty minutes, but if you jog, it will be more beneficial because it will work for your arm muscles also.

Negative Aspect of Cardio Circuit Training

But one negative aspect of cardio circuit training is when you perform them, you should do them in a more discipline manner than you do your regular exercise. You should not give long gaps between exercises. Everything should be planned in an orderly fashion to get maximum benefits out of cardio circuit training.

Cardio circuit training may consists of a mixture of exercises such as first fifteen minute run on the treadmill, next ten minutes in skipping and next twenty minutes in swimming. In the end you may again walk for few minutes to warm down. The reason why these types of exercises are called as cardio circuit training is that it will increase the heart rate. They increase your heart beat rate, improve the resistance and strengthen your muscles. Choose that cardio circuit training that will suit your body type and start doing that.

Cardio Circuit Training Routines

Cardio circuit training routines are of different types. Some of them are timed. In this type you have to finish the given set of exercises in specified time frame. For that purpose, you have to do them at a particular speed. Only then, you could finish them in time. cardio circuit routines are meant for competitions also. Some of them are sport specific. Let us see about these types of cardio circuit routines in detail.When you perform timed cardio circuit routines, you stick to particular time frame. They train your body in an effective manner. You perform them with least or no break in between them. It is not an intensive workout program, but should have to do them in a time frame. It works out different areas of your body and you perform a number of exercises. With the variety of programs and workouts, you have to perform them with speed of action. You will not find bored in doing them as you have lots of choices of programs before you.

cardio circuit routines based on competitions provide great intensity than timed training. If you want to perform them for competition, you must be able to do as many repetitions as possible for each exercise with great speed. Only after finishing a particular program you can move on to the next. This motivates the athletes in a fitness level that is ideal for the training session. You must always try to increase the number of repetitions of cardio circuit routines at a particular stage.

If you are a sportsman concentrating in particular sport, then you must choose cardio circuit routines that are important for that sport. For example, if you are a foot ball player, you must perform those types of cardio circuit routines that concentrate on legs. In the breaks between the workout programs, you can do gentle jogs rather than taking total rest. You need proper warming up before you start your routines.

In cardio circuit routines you have to take into account various factors like interest of the performer, time available and the goal of the programs. Some have fitness as their goal and such persons need not indulge in strenuous exercises. The number of cardio circuit routines you need will depend upon the fitness level of the person also. Inclusion of weight training in cardio vascular exercises is decided based on the fitness level of the person and his strength and ability.…